Thursday, May 21, 2009

Four Days Prior

The Rosenbergs are getting reading for the National Spelling Bee. Daniel, Speller 128,  is on the mend from a nasty cold and ear infection. While no one wants to be sick, we're happy it happened this week rather than next week. 
Barbara is in the process of finalizing plans for our down time at the Bee, we want to make the most of our trip to DC. While she was unsuccessful in securing a White House Tour, Bee Week will be full of adventures. 
Daniel is busy going over his word lists, stealing moments here and there to study. Today he's going to be interviewed by The Daily Item, his sponsoring newspaper. The Daily Item not only organizes this region's Spelling Bee, but pays for all expenses associated with Daniel's attending and participating in Bee Week. We are very grateful to the paper and its owner, Peter Gammage, for his generosity. 
This blog will be updated daily between now and the end of Bee Week. You can learn more about the Scripps National Spelling Bee by logging on to


  1. This is so very exciting Barbara!!! Sam and I will be watching and looking forward to you updates. My second grade class will also be watching!

  2. We are so proud and happy for you, Daniel. You are going to do so well, and we cannot wait. Thanks for doing the Blog, mom, it isn't easy to have 99 full time jobs. Love, T & R